Price Structure

Piano-X file prices Single Licence Site Licence
(max 8 users)
Single Aircraft File £ 1,950 per file £ 2,400 per file
Complete Database (250+ aircraft) £ 17,600 £ 22,600
For Piano-X site licences covering more than 8 users, contact Lissys.
Purchasing a file entitles you to discounts on related versions of the same aircraft type (depending on degree of commonality; please state required sub-types when enquiring). Individual files will count as credits towards a purchase of the full database by the same licencee provided this is completed within 12 months.

Piano 5 prices Single Licence Site Licence
(max 10 users)
Piano 5 (Windows) £ 52,500 £ 94,500
Piano 5 is only available as a total package. It includes:
• The fully-featured Piano 5 software for Windows.
• The complete Piano aircraft database.
• 1 year of support and updates.
• On-site installation and familiarisation course*
*(European Union only. Travel costs added outside of EU).
For Piano site licences covering more than 10 users, contact Lissys.
Support after the first year is available at approximately 15% of purchase, index adjusted, subject to revision.

Contact details.

For all enquiries about Piano-X or Piano, please contact:

Lissys Limited
6 Paterson Drive
Woodhouse Eaves
LE 12 8RL
United Kingdom

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